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Please note:


We are migrating to a new mail system. This is an ongoing process whereby mailboxes are moved at different times transparently to outlook users.

You are here because you want web access to your mail. As we cannot tell each user in advance when mailboxes will be moved, SIMPLY try the regular (2003) icon on left and IF it fails then from this moment on use ONLY the Icon on right (2010).

Thank you for your cooperation and as always kindly direct all issues to: 



More on new system:

Exchange 2010 is the best email system available. Among it's many advantages:

Support for very large mailboxes

Complete native connection for Apple Mail and Outlook

    2011 programs

Connectivity for practically any gadget that does mail

   (including iPhones and much more)






We welcome your comments as an opportunity to improve. Kindly refer all issues to or open a service ticket at our CallMe site:



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