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This page gives you access to your files OVER THE WEB from ANYWHERE in a secure (SSL) way. You will be asked for your EKMD credentials. You can only access folders to which you have the proper permissions. Any of the following will give you Read access to your files. if you want to edit them live over the web then see this procedure




Update your web site



This procedure is best suited for connecting from your own laptop (or home PC) and allows you full edit permissions (i.e. Read, Write, Delete and Create new files) from ANYWHERE over the web.

Tip 1: You only need to do this once on your own machine.

Tip 2: Caution, if you do this on a public machine DO NOT check "Reconnect at Logon"

Tip 3: if you schlep your laptop around, then using "offline folders" is a better solution as it allows you to carry a synchronized copy of your H: with you. You also gain access to "previous versions" i.e. document version protection. In this scenario keep the web access described here as a 2nd option. Note that you can simultaneously have web and direct access to your folders.

We welcome your comments as an opportunity to improve. Kindly refer all issues to or open a service ticket at our CallMe site:




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